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We help immigrants and international students find their way in Australia

"I felt pressure from all sides – my parents, society, my culture, and myself… After meeting my career coach, everything looks much clearer. "

"I finally got the job I wanted, but I didn’t get here the way I thought I would. My career coach showed me the many paths I could take."

"Interviews, resumes, speaking good English – Getting a good job in Australia is harder than I thought. Now, I’ve got a career action plan."

New Careers Australia is Melbourne’s premier career management and job search coaching consultancy. We are not a recruitment or job placement agency, rather, we are the people you need to see if you’re desperate for a job and have realised you need someone to help you.

Having been established in the career management sector for over 8 years, New Careers Australia focuses on helping recent graduates, international students, recently arrived overseas professionals, and those of you who are already working in Australia, but who have yet to find the position in the occupation you are most passionate about.

We are one of the pioneering career consultancies in Melbourne that specialises in the Asian market, helping international graduates and professionals from Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, various other Asian immigrants, and Asian-born Australians to make it to the career track they've been working so hard to find.

At New Careers, we are passionate about what we do, and have extensive experience training young graduates and new migrants to enter the workforce of their choosing. Assisting you with CV and cover letter writing, the job interview process, and even English communication and language skills, we achieve a true sense of accomplishment in watching you self-actualise, witnessing your growing confidence to mix with the local Australian workforce.

The New Careers process is a strategic approach to mapping out your career path. We start with an occupational assessment, working out which field you should apply for, so that in one, two, or three steps, you’ll arrive at your desired career destination. For example, if you’re a recent accounting graduate, should you apply for jobs in Melbourne, or in another Australian city, for roles at public practices, or corporations? We look at your qualifications and match them up with the most suitable opportunities.

New Careers Australia takes a very international approach to career coaching. We understand Asian culture and traditions, as well as the pressures involved. We know the Asian mindset – you don’t want to return to your home country and not be working for an international organisation!

Our experienced staff of career counsellors, job coaches, talent recruiters, occupational psychologists, and English communication skills trainers have all lived and worked overseas in management positions for multinational companies. We know firsthand which direction you should be heading in, the attitude you need to be carrying, and how motivated you have to be.

What sets us apart from other career consultants is we care. The New Careers team understands the emotional stresses of finding a good job in Australia, so we take a flexible approach to tailor a career plan that suits your individual situation, experience, qualifications, and needs. At the end of the job search process, when you are standing tall, knowing you made it on your own (with a little extra help!), we feel great satisfaction in seeing one of our new friends succeed. At New Careers Australia, ‘your career path has been mapped out. Let us show you the way forward.’

“ Let us show you the way to further your career. We'll help you map out the best path forward.

Latest from The New Careers Australia blog
  • I appreciate your help Ms Chan. Your training program was very useful, effective, and well-directed. I felt hopeless and you helped me become positive and optimistic. Thank you very much
    Tian L
  • I was made redundant from my full-time job, so I applied to a wide variety of companies. I only received a few responses. Thanks to NCA's help I eventually secured a position with one of the Big 4 accounting firms!
    Lusiana P
  • I'm glad I chose New Careers. They helped me to define myself and gave me tips for my future. And even after I got my job, they are still taking care of me and helping me through my probation period
    Rebecca W
  • Each time I walked out of your office I felt more confident. Without your help, I would not have found my job in the two months that it took me. These skills also helped me to get promoted in a very short period of time
    Ruby J
  • The Career Steps Program brought clarity to my vision of where I want to be and how to get there. I was looked after with great encouragement. I recommend New Careers to anyone experiencing a career crisis.
    Jeffrey A
  • I've found a job with a public accounting firm. I received ten phone calls asking for interviews in the first three weeks … Without your advice I don't think I would have had so many interview opportunities. Thank you.
  • I like to think of New Careers' services as an iceberg. Under the surface, there is so much more you get from them that is not visible until you become a client. In the end you will get a job that suits you
    Tonino K
  • I thought after I completed my postgraduate degree from a top university in Melbourne it would be easy to get a job. I was wrong. New Careers Australia taught me how to handle the language barrier, and how to apply for jobs
    Didi R
  • The best thing about New Careers are the professional, experienced, and humble staff. They brought the best out of me. I'm sure the things I learnt at New Careers will be useful to me throughout my career
    Reman M
  • New Careers provided me with theoretical and practical training for each phase of the job hunting process. I am now much more confident and prepared for interviews
    Takeshi A
  • I am so glad I joined NCA. It helped build my character, reduce my weaknesses, and increase my strengths. NCA also helped me prepare for my first interview, and find my first job. I recommend joining NCA
    Natalia A