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The New Careers Australia organisation formed after discovering there was no team of experts in Melbourne willing to spend their time and put all of their effort into helping new Asian immigrants manage their careers in Australia. At New Careers, we relate to you and your unique personality or character.

The majority of career consultants look at you as a candidate, analysing your skills and experience to see where you might fit as a potential employee in the workforce. We take a much more ‘human’ approach, attempting to understand and empathise with your family situation, cultural, and social pressures – we understand Asian parents’ and family expectations, and the potential for ‘loss of face’.

For example, when an Asian student comes to Australia, there is a lot of added pressure (being a student in a foreign country is already stressful!) because parents and other family members are so proud to announce to their friends, neighbours, and colleagues about how their child is studying and/or working overseas. Needing to meet these expectations of the family back home can be a real cause of anxiety. New Careers Australia knows Asian people have a tendency to compare themselves with each other, which can also increase social anxieties for both the adult child and their parents.

Senior Career Consultant Lai Hoong Chan has been with the company right from the start in 2005, and is the driving force behind the organisation’s values and principles. Ms. Chan designed New Careers Australia’s flexible career management programs, which if need be, can be tailored to your individual needs. She sees her team as career ‘doctors’. If the ‘diagnosis’ they make requires specialist help such as a career counsellor, job coach, talent recruiter, occupational psychologist, or even an English communication skills trainer, you’ll be pointed in the right direction for ‘treatment’.

To be perfectly honest, there are a lot of people working in this industry, but we’re proud of our unique approach. We look at your ultimate career goal, and then map out a career management program, which we then manage with the utmost care and respect. Our step-by-step approach may involve working together with our sister organisation ‘Australia One Stop Support’ who can recommend courses or training programs for additional qualifications. These recommendations are designed to suit your requirements – your budget, the quality of training, and the unique curriculum. We don’t simply take an order, or push career directions that are biased – what we want is to provide you with several options that can meet your expectations.

We only work with immigration and legal professionals that are like-minded, trustworthy, ethical, professional, and who actually care about their clients as people. Ms. Chan and the team at New Careers Australia understand the diversity within Asian cultures because we’ve worked, lived, and travelled extensively throughout the Asian region.

In our office we have English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Bahasa – Indonesian and Malay, Vietnamese, Japanese, Hindi, and French-speaking career coaches and trainers. We understand cultural backgrounds, traditions, and education standards, as well as how you think, and how you relate mentally and emotionally when working to develop your career. At New Careers Australia, ‘your career path has been mapped out. Let us show you the way forward.’