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Can you get me a job?

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At New Careers Australia a lot of people come to us and ask if we can get them a job. First of all, we are not recruiters, or a job placement agency. Secondly, who actually gives you a job? Let us tell you, if someone says they can, ‘give you a job’, they simply mean they know of some job opportunities. However, in the end it is always you who will be the one who has to get the job. So, how will you do it?


At New Careers Australia we cannot give you a job, but we can help you get a job by showing you everything you need to know, so you can go about the job search process properly. When you come into our offices for the first time, you’ll often be asked questions such as: How long have you been actively looking for work? How many jobs have you applied for since you began searching? And, how many interviews have you attended? It is only after these questions have been answered that we ask to see your resume/CV.

New Careers Australia Melbourne Career Coach Asian Graduate Students

Getting ready for a job interview? Have you prepared enough to truly get the job?


From these three questions alone we can ascertain many factors about your unique situation. For example, if you have applied for hundreds of jobs, yet haven’t had any interviews, we can tell you’ve either been applying for the wrong jobs (meaning you haven’t understood/have misread the job ads), you’ve been using the wrong type of resume, or your CV is not professional enough.


If you tell us that you’ve been looking for work for one year, but you’ve only applied for a total of 50 jobs, we can tell straight away you haven’t been applying for enough roles. Finding a job is a numbers game – we firmly believe that activity generates activity.


Some people we speak to apply for jobs in bursts – they apply for 15 jobs one night, but then they rest. Consistency is the key to success. And, they then make the mistake of not following up their applications with phone calls. How will the employer know how motivated and enthusiastic you are if you don’t show them?


Other people we’ve spoken to before they started one of our career management programs say they’ve received a number of phone calls after making their job applications, but then they weren’t asked in for interviews. This means you didn’t impress them over the phone. It could be you were unprepared for an unexpected call, you weren’t able to speak well enough, you may have a problem with your language skills, or you didn’t listen well enough.


Asian graduate phone call interview New Careers Australia Melbourne

Are you prepared for an unexpected phone call interview from a prospective employer?


When we asked some of our clients the name of the person that had called them, they didn’t know. They were too excited in the moment! If you can’t recall the person’s name that called you, how are you supposed to do a follow-up return call of your own?


Maybe one of the scenarios mentioned above fits your situation? If so, New Careers Australia has the career programs to coach you towards success, so you can ‘get the job’. Contact New Careers Australia now!


By Lai Hoong Chan


*Thanks to ‘Vera Lu and David Li‘, ‘dichromatic winson‘ and ‘Jazz Guy‘ for use of these images via a Creative Commons license!