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Employers look for specific skills when offering promotions. What do you need to do to attain the higher position you desire? (Part 2)

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What are employers looking for? Which skills will differentiate you from the next candidate? You can’t buy more time, and you still need to juggle the same number of responsibilities, so the key lies in thinking smarter.


Today’s marketplace demands an increasingly high level of performance from companies if they are to remain competitive. These companies are forced to drive improved results by doing more with less. The current buzzword being thrown around is, ‘Productivity’.


Employers are looking for key people who efficiently complete all of their activities, and who work towards realising the organisation’s overall goals. Their focus is also on minimising business interruptions and downtime, believing this can be accomplished by having people on their team who have strong personal leadership skills – the ability to manage themselves, manage time, and manage priorities. These skills are essential in order to operate at maximum effectiveness in today’s ever-changing world.


Before you can understand, lead, and motivate others, you must first understand, lead, and motivate yourself. Personal leaders know where they are going, and are actually undertaking their plan to get there.


To help you improve your personal leadership skills, New Careers Australia’s strategic partner, Leadership Management Australia, (an organisation with over 40 years experience in Australia), is offering a proven 10 week performance course to help you make progress in the following areas:


  • Productivity and Performance
  • Organisational Skills
  • Communication
  • Team Development
  • Personal Leadership


Interactive group workshops run for 2 and a-half hours once a week, enabling you with the opportunity to apply the concepts and tools into your daily working routine. As the saying goes, ‘Information without application is merely entertainment’, and this unique development process is focussed on workplace application in order to help create new work habits.


Without actual application of the new information they’ve just studied, after several weeks most people revert back to old work habits and patterns. All they have achieved is a framed course certificate, while continuing to perform inefficiently, and achieving the same mediocre results.

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One of the first phases the 10-week course focuses on is to have you identify the top half a dozen High Payoff Activities (HPA) you believe are key activities a person in your role should be doing. Once completed, the next major exercise is aimed at determining what your time is truly worth to the business you are a part of.


These early exercises set the stage for the rest of the course and help you to be conscious of your daily activities and their value. This knowledge is then compared with the perceived value of the time you’ve invested in carrying out these activities. The objective is to channel more of your time towards doing your HPA’s, to achieve the ‘biggest bang for your buck’.


In addition to attending the workshops conducted by accredited LMA facilitators, for the entire duration of the program you will be supported by a course coach to help you through the course’s content and its associated applications.


Deciding to change how you work in your professional role cannot simply happen overnight; attitudes are conditioned over many years. LMA’s unique development process helps create new habits, and combined with the performance course itself, delivers measurable results and a Return On Investment (ROI) many times over. The result is increased marketability of your own value, and enhanced visibility of your skills to show employers you are a credible choice for the new job on offer.


Please don’t simply take our word for it. Here is some participant feedback we’ve received about the LMA course:


  • ‘I now have a system that works for me; I can achieve more in the same amount of time, and less tasks are slipping through the cracks.’
  • ‘The whole course changed the way I do and think in my everyday work practices. I can communicate better, and ask the right questions to get the right answers.’
  • ‘I was rather sceptical about the course at the beginning, as I felt my time management skills, leadership skills, and the systems I had previously set in place were already effective. However, after being shown the tools I found there were many areas that could be improved immensely by only making small changes. The most enjoyable part was putting these tools into action and then seeing for myself how they worked to gain back the time needed to complete other important projects.’


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By Lai Hoong Chan, New Careers Australia

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