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First get a job. Then, you can start a career.

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Looking for a job is a job in itself! Seeking outside career help can result in faster employment, not to mention decreased levels of emotional and financial stress. A lot of fresh graduates come to us and ask, ‘Can you get me a job?’ or, ‘Are you a job placement company?’ What these people don’t realise is, if we do everything for you now, you won’t know how to get the next job position you want in the future.


Anyone can get a job themselves if they stay focused, have the appropriate know-how, the right direction, and know their own weaknesses. These qualities allow you to continually equip yourself with the attitudes and skills employers in your industry expect of you.


You may have received High Distinctions from a reputable university, but this doesn’t mean you graduated endowed with the knowledge of automatically knowing which direction to go, or what needs to be focused on in order to get into a professional occupation.


Don’t be deceived by job titles such as ‘Assistant accountant’ or ‘Graduate accountant’ thinking they are beneath your level of training.


The mistake we often see graduates of professional fields such as information technology, accounting, and engineering making, is that they think they should only look for jobs within the one small field they studied in, or think the only roles they can apply for are those with the term ‘Graduate’ in their title. The reality is, every job needs some level of administration duties to be performed, but if you’ve never worked in an office environment, you won’t have been exposed to such activities. You also may have never experienced handling communication responsibilities, such as telephone and/or email etiquette.


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Sometimes getting work in an Australian office is the first step towards reaching your real career goals.


What we at New Careers Australia believe is that any work in an office is better than no work at all, because even if you work in an admin role such as data entry, as a receptionist, in customer service, or in a clerical position, you will gain experience and skills necessary for your future professional career. From another perspective, you’ll also gain Australian referees for your CV who can vouch for your abilities. Can you see the difference between getting a job, and not working at all?


Often, our advice is for you to simply get into the workforce, and then once there you’ll gain confidence, skills, and experience. Being out of work can erode your confidence, but this way you can become more emotionally prepared for the next step on your career journey, which of course is to gain employment in the field of your choosing. The fact remains, while working in this initial role you can continue to apply for those more professional positions.


Don’t be deceived by job titles such as ‘Accounts Assistant’, ‘Office All-Rounder’, or ‘Data Entry Clerk’ thinking they are beneath your level of training. Look at the detailed job description showing the key responsibilities of the role, because some of the tasks you’ll need to perform will directly relate to your chosen field. All jobs can add value to your resume, making you a more suitable candidate for future job applications.

By Lai Hoong Chan


Thanks to ‘Jacob Montrasio‘ for use of the image via a Creative Commons license.