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The 4 New Careers Australia career management programs to suit your unique needs:
The ‘Essential’ program is purely for people who already have 2 or more years work experience, yet need career guidance and coaching for transition into a new job, or when starting afresh after you arrive in Australia. We’ll help you refine your resume (CV) to match Australian employers’ recruitment processes and standards, and provide you with a refresher on how best to move on to the next job. This is a 4-hour program.
The ‘Starter’ program is for people who need job interview tips and preparation on top of what is provided in the basic ‘Essential’ program. You’ll work on how to market yourself within the social media job domain on career networking sites such as LinkedIn. This is an 8-hour program.
The ‘Starter+’ program’s additional time allows for more intensive interview preparation, and is great for those people who need to meet key selection criteria for a specific job position. This is a 13-hour program.

The ‘Career Steps’ program is a long-term approach to career management mainly for people who have never been employed in the workforce. It is guaranteed to get you a job in line with your desired profession.

You’ll receive guidance from career coaches, and you’ll be provided with occupational/career assessment, counselling support, and all of the job search skills necessary to meet your goals. When you do get the job you desire, we’ll continue to coach you throughout the probation period. This is a 12-month program.

“ Let us show you the way to further your career. We'll help you map out the best path forward.”

We are the career “doctors”

Help with resumes, addressing key selection criteria, interviews, IELTS, and counselling, our career ‘doctors’ will ‘diagnose’ your unique situation, and then ‘prescribe’ a tailored career management program to suit your needs.

Meet The Team

New Careers Australia helps Asian students and Asian immigrants to Australia enhance their job skills and perspectives in order to create a real path to their desired career. We know Asian culture, and we care about our clients as friends.

Lai Hoong Chan

Managing Director/Senior Career Consultant

Lai Hoong Chan has over 20 years experience as a senior executive, managing, training, mentoring, and recruiting people from various cultural backgrounds. Having worked in both Asia and Australia, her cultural knowledge allows her to effectively assist clients to adapt for life in Australia.

Harriet Epstein

Career Counsellor

Harriet is a former teacher turned psychotherapist who focuses on adolescent, child, family, and relationship counseling. She applies her skills to make it easier for people to start their new life in Australia, and is expert at helping students to assess and choose the best study pathways forward.

John Alder

Occupational Psychologist

John has extensive experience in counselling tertiary students and professional migrants to Australia. He has helped many people overcome personal hurdles encountered in their new Australian life, and has aided people with issues related to motivation, self-confidence, and social interaction.

Denise Longley

Career Coach

Denise is experienced in guiding people across different cultural backgrounds and education levels, including training those who are returning to work after a long break due to health or personal issues. She patiently supports you emotionally and professionally until you find employment.