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The Vitamins of Successful Job Search (Part 1)

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My name is Subash Korada and I am a career consultant at New Careers Australia with over 10 years experience in the Australian employment market. Over time I’ve come to understand the main underlying principals proven to be necessary when formulating a successful job search strategy. To make this often-stressful process easier for you, I have named it, ‘The vitamins of job search’.


Recent graduates, those students graduating soon, and fully skilled professionals looking to change roles, should all consider taking, ‘The vitamins of job search’. Here are the vitamins you’ll need: Vitamin A (Attitude), Vitamin B (Being Brave), Vitamin C (Consistency Creating Confidence), Vitamin D (Discipline), and Vitamin M (Read more to discover the all-important meaning of Vitamin M). At New Careers Australia, we know what you’ll typically encounter and what you’ll need to understand when taking the journey to find your next job role. Here are the job search vitamins:


The Vitamin Compass for Job Search

The Vitamin Compass for Job Search


Vitamin A: Attitude


A lot of people we meet here at New Careers Australia aren’t absolutely sure they really want to change roles or re-enter the job market. What you need to know is, every point of contact you have – phone call interviews, face-to-face interviews, email interactions etc., if you’re unsure about what you want to do, and you’re not actually fully committed to finding the next role (for example, only exploring opportunities), people will pick up on your lack of clarity and direction.


This is because people working in HR (Human Resources) don’t have time to waste. If you’re not exactly sure what you want, they won’t be able to help you, and sometimes they won’t even want to help you because you’re simply wasting their precious time.


You need to make the solid decision in your mind that you want to move on in your career. When this occurs, your responses will be clear and future-oriented. This is important because it shows the observer you’re someone who knows what they want. You are outcome-oriented, and not just thinking about possibilities. You know exactly what you want in a job role next time around.



Sometimes we need to adjust our vision to get a clearer view of our job search situation.

Sometimes we need to adjust our vision to get a clearer view of our job search situation.


Did you know Vitamin A is good for your eyes? Well, the right attitude is paramount to having clarity of vision. Others sound vague and insecure about what they want – you don’t question – you make the leap of faith. If you doubt or are insecure, it clearly shows. Are you sincere? The occupational gatekeepers of this world are worried. If they choose the wrong candidate it reflects badly upon them, and they’ll make less money/commissions. They look incompetent too. These people spend their time working with those that have the right ATTITUDE.


Vitamin B: Being Brave


Okay, you may need to sit down for this one. When looking for a new job you are going to be rejected a number of times – sometimes a large number of times! However, it’s that single ‘yes’ of acceptance you are searching for, and you need to know it’s only a matter of time. For some people it’s sooner, and for others it’s later, but there is a job for everyone. There is always hope, so you have to be patient, and you have to BE BRAVE.


Talk to your career counsellor and other people who care about your plight (E.G. close family and friends), because speaking to them will give you positive energy and reinforcement to stay on the path.


A previous client comes to mind. This client hated getting automated rejections, so we told them to send their resumes in the mail – we’re talking old-fashioned paper CV’s. You don’t get rejected when you send a paper CV… When was the last time you saw an automated paper mail rejection? The only phone calls the client received were from interested parties.


It’s vital to stay brave. Being part of a caring community or support group (like New Careers Australia) is very important. Stay the course! Failure in not an option!


(Continued in Part 2)


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