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The Vitamins of Successful Job Search (Part 2)

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Continued from ‘The Vitamins of Successful Job Search’ (Part 1)


Vitamin C: Consistency Creating Confidence


Consistency: You wouldn’t believe how often we hear from people who applied for jobs intensely for one week, but then got busy, or their motivation level dropped, and then they didn’t apply again until an entire month had passed by. This never works! You need to keep meeting with your career counsellor, keep applying for roles, and continue doing interviews. You need to be CONSISTENTLY focused on your objective to achieve the clear outcome you’ve defined, and subsequently get that new job you are looking for.


Have Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), goals, or targets – actions you are required to do. We’ll keep an eye on you, and if you are consistently missing your targets, we’ll force you to go back and work on your Vitamin A reserves. This is because your attitude obviously suggests you don’t have a clear enough objective of finding the new job.


Creating Confidence: When you’re consistent you’ll make more actions in the job market. Consequently, there will be more reactions from prospective employers, and more interactions will be achieved. Actions create reactions! The more interactions you have, you’ll realise your skills and experience are valued in the workforce. These small successes are like career aphrodisiacs – the experience of engagement – meeting people, and talking to people – CREATES CONFIDENCE. Taking consistent action makes the process easier.


Consistency creates confidence! New Careers Australia

Consistency creates confidence!


















Career counsellors pump you up – this is 90% of our work! People come to us when they’re mentally defeated or beaten down. We help transfer the thoughts in your head from a negative focus to a positive one. The outcome comes naturally if you concentrate on the process, and on the individual KPI’s we’ve set for you. We’ll work out the actions that need to be done, and how often they need doing. Finding a job is quite similar to life itself. When you do actions the right way, CONSISTENTLY, you’ll proceed forward.


Vitamin D: Discipline


Stay the course! Keep reinforcing Vitamin A (the right attitude – knowing why you’re looking for a job), and ensure your actions are being performed (doing what is required on a regular basis). DISCIPLINE is all about structure. You need to strictly follow the program, and make sure your actions are being done at the right time and place. For example, don’t call employers on a Monday morning or Friday afternoon. On Mondays they’re meeting with their team preparing for the week ahead, and on Fridays they’re tying up loose ends before running out the door to start the weekend.


Don’t leave your targets until the end of the week. Your applications will be rushed, and won’t be a true reflection of your best self. Apply on Saturdays and Tuesdays, as these are usually the best days for the job market. Apply right after the job is posted! A lot of employers don’t even look at the resumes of people that don’t make the first ‘batch’ through. Don’t just be consistent; be proactive in ensuring you apply early, regularly, and at the right times.


Did you know recruiters have time saving measures in place? Some only look at the first 20 CV’s that pop up on their email radar, and aren’t shown any more until the first lot has been actioned. The general rule is the first 20-50 resumes will get looked at, so if you can make it into this segment you’ll have a greater chance of success. A CV is only good if it is used correctly. You cannot be lazy about applications.


Vitamin M: Motivation


Motivation is the centre of the career vitamin compass:


The Vitamin Compass for Job Search

The Vitamin Compass for Job Search


You have to be motivated to properly undertake the other four career vitamins. MOTIVATION is the soul or foundation for this entire process. Whatever you are aspiring to be you need to reinforce your focus, and link the outcome to your motivation. This will push you to never give up, and continuously act in a way that will lead you toward your goals.


Many of our clients automatically think Vitamin M is about Money! If this is a driving force for you, see that motivation does lead to money: M = M. Making more money means your life will change, and this is what we often desire when searching for a new job – a better life. This idea should truly make you push yourself. You have to act to change your destiny. It’s in your hands. New Careers Australia is like a team of swimming instructors. The best swimmers have great technique, so they glide quickly through the water with the least amount of effort possible. We help you become efficient and effective in your career search.


By Subash Korada

Career Consultant, New Careers Australia


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